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We are proud to introduce new technologies in the area of water conducting circuits for waterjet systems. Based on our technical innovations it is now possible to run the water media conducting system of a waterjet cutting device for multiple months.

Operating data:

Conductance as well as the water temperature are being held at constant level with our new procedure. The operating capacity is specified at 400 l/h (105 gal/h) when utilizing ultra-filtration and around 2 - 4 meter³/h (6-13 fph) using band filtration. The newly developed plant supports different modes of operation, all of which supply fresh water on a fully automated basis. Filtration sludge is routed to a mobile waste container. Particles are measured online with the new developed system. Optionally it is possible to keep a constant water level in the workbasin of the Waterjet cutting system, entirely managed by our application. The plant is controlled by a high-end Siemens S7 control system with Siemens Touch Screen. You will be fascinated by the ease of use and maintenance of our water treatment device. The secret lays in it's surface finish. The attractive Design speaks for itself! Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us so we can provide additional information.